YStudio Classic - Portable fountain pen

Item no: STAT-16

€164,46 EUR
The body of the Y-Studio - Portable Fountain Pen Classic is made of copper, the protective case is made of maple wood and has a matte black finish. The fountain pen has a steel Schmidt nib and can be filled with the international standard cartridges or with the supplied converter. The pen has no clip, but the cap has an eye through which the supplied leather lace can be removed to attach the pen to something.

Y-Studio is a design company founded in 2012 in Taiwan. Their designs are minimalist and strong, made for everyday use with natural materials. The collection is made of brass and copper and is untreated, so that the pens will acquire a unique patina over time. The oxidation is not harmful (in fact it protects the underlying material), but the pen can regain its original shine by polishing it with some copper oil.

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