Waterman Carène Brown Green GT fountain pen

Item no: S0700860F

€338,84 EUR

The Waterman Carène Brown Green GT is made of transparent brown ecaille lacquer, all fittings are gilded. This version is one of the few brown marbled models still being made. The French word Carène stands for hull of a ship. At the end of the brown barrel, the design with its flowing lines refers to the angled transom of a sailing boat, the inlaid nib depicts the bow wave. The Waterman Carène has a lot in common with the top model from the Waterman Collection: the "Edson". Both fountain pens are characterized by the, unfortunately not so much used anymore, "built-in" nib, the nib is made of 18 carat gold. The Waterman Carène has an excellent price / quality ratio. The Waterman Carène Brown Green GT is available as a fountain pen, ballpoint pen and rollerball.


18K gold.

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