Visconti Medici Golden Blue oversize roller

Item no: KP17-05-RB

€462,81 EUR

The influential de 'Medici family, to which this collection is dedicated, was not only the founder of the international banking system, but also patron of many artists such as; Michelangelo, Raphael and Leonardo da Vinci. Because of this, the 'Medici had a great influence on the art and architecture in Florance and on the growth of the Italian Renaissance.

The Visconti Medici is based on the Opera collection squaring the circle. The fountain pen and roller closure illustrates Visconti's craftsmanship: the closure system between the cap and the barrel is both special and user-friendly. It works with a spring-loaded inner cap as a kind of bayonet closure, is easy to open and close but will never come off by itself..

The basic material from which the pens are made is acrosilk, a compound of acrylic resins with silk fibers. The result is a beautiful blue color tone with chromatic characteristics. All other fittings are gilded. The gilded ring on the holder is engraved with the Medici coat of arms.

You can personalize your Visconti pen with Visconti's "My Pen System". The Visconti logo on top of the cap can be easily removed with a small magnet. Instead of this logo, two initials can be placed. You canhere found in our webshop.

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