Visconti Homo Sapiens Lava bronze fountain pen

Item no: KP15-07-FPF

€685,95 EUR

The pens are made of a material that is as old as the world around us, Lava from the Etna volcano. Lava has never before been used for the production of writing instruments. Visconti has successfully developed a material consisting of more than 50 basaltic lava, together with acrylic resin in a proprietary formula. The extraordinary properties of lava are ideal for a writing instrument for everyday use..

The characteristics of the Visconti lava pens are:
- Practically unbreakable due to the enormous 'resilience'
- Scratch resistant.
- Heat resistant, tested to more than 100 degrees Celsius. The pens can easily remain on a car dashboard in the sun.
- Hygroscopic, the sweat from the hand is easily absorbed
- Soft, the material feels soft, almost rubbery.
- New, this material has never been used for a writing instrument before.

For the metal parts Visconti was inspired by the Bronze Age. The clip, the decorative rings and all metal parts are made of bronze with the exception of the power filler, which is made of titanium. The bronze, a mix of copper and tin, is mixed in the ancient way in the Homo Sapiens, so that the material does not need any protection, is almost pink in color and can be easily cleaned. The packaging contains a special cleaning cloth.ekje).

The Homo Sapiens fountain pen has an 18 krt. gold nib, the 23kt 950 palladium 'Dreamtouch' nibs are no longer available.

You can personalize your Visconti pen with Visconti's "My Pen System". The Visconti logo on top of the cap can be easily removed with a small magnet. Two initials can be placed in place of this logo. You canhere found in our webshop.


23 krt. gold

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