TWSBI Mini White RG II fountain pen

Item no: M7448300

€90,08 EUR

Holder and cap of this The TWSBI mini White RG II are made of strong polycarbonate, the ivory-coloured cap is smooth while the transparent holder is faceted. All fittings, clip and rings are rose gold plated.

It is a real demonstrator equipped with a fixed piston mechanism, moreover, the pen is easy to completely disassemble for those who are more adventurous.

A key and some grease for the plunger are included in the package. The pen has a rubber 0-ring on the barrel, which acts as an extra gasket when the cap is screwed onto the pen. The TWSBIs feel fantastic, nibs are made of steel available in different writing widths.


The Taiwanese parent company Ta Shin Precision produced vital parts as an OEM supplier for various other stationery manufacturers. After forty years they decided to produce pens under their own label under the brand name:TWSBI.

TWSBI (pronounced"Twis-Bie") partly comes from the reversed initials of the words"Sen Wen Tong"(translated:Hall of the Three Cultures) TWS, the addition BI literally means writing instrument.


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