TWSBI Diamond 50 ink bottle Polished AL

Item no: M7447690

€34,63 EUR
The TWSBI ink bottle has a polished aluminum cap. This ink bottle allows you to still fill your fountain pen, even when the bottle is almost empty. The pot is of course very suitable for the TWSBI pens, but ordinary standard converters can also be connected directly to the internal cap and can therefore be filled easily and cleanly.

The ink bottle is supplied empty and has a capacity of 50 ml. TWSBI is a new name in the world of pens, but not unknown in the field of writing instruments. For example, the Taiwanese parent company Ta Shin Precision produced vital parts as an OEM supplier for various other stationery manufacturers. After forty years, they decided to produce pens under their own label under the brand name:TWSBI.

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