Platinum Procyon Porcelain white fountain pen

Item no: 1924034

€61,98 EUR

Platinum introduces a new fountain pen called Procyon. This model is named after the brightest star of the constellation Canis Minor Small Dog. The cap of this completely redesigned collection is equipped with the "Slip & amp; Seal Mechanism" as Platinum also applies to the # 3776 and Plaisir models.n.

Holder and cap are made of aluminum with a special coating in different colors. The flexible nib has a pentagonal shape, the most important innovation, however, is the ink guide.
It is not necessary to dip the pen up to and including the section in the ink when filling the pen with a converter not included.. 

The fountain pen comes with a Platinum ink cartridge or with a converter not included. If necessary, an adapter is available that makes it possible to refill the pen with the usual international standard ink cartridges.n.

Nib: Steel

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