Platinum Prefounte Vermilion Orange fountain pen

Item no: 1933694

€10,33 EUR

The new Prefounte model is the slightly more chic version of the well-known Platinum Preppy. The housing is made of transparent precious resin. The subdued colors and metal clip give the pen an almost luxurious appearance, the only printing is the model name "Prefounte" which is modestly applied to the cap rim. The stainless steel nib, like the Preppy, is made of a wear-resistant special alloy and offers an excellent writing feel. The Prefounte fountain pen is equipped with Platinum's "Slip & amp; Seal mechanism" which ensures that the ink in the pen does not dry out, even if it were left unused for a year.

The Prefounte can be filled with Platinum cartridges or with a converter not included, you can also use an adapter that makes it possible to use the usual international standard cartridges.n.

For those who are looking for a good looking and casual fountain pen, this Prefounte is the ideal fountain pen for both business and everyday use.

Nib: Steel

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