Platinum Plaisir Frosty Blue fountain pen

Item no: 1902574

€15,70 EUR

The Platinum Plaisir is the more luxurious version of the well-known Preppy, with the difference that the holder and cap of the Plaisir are made of metal, which is finished with a scratch-resistant anodised finish. The Plaisir has an innovative cap closure, so that the pen does not or hardly dry out. We tested this and after months of unused use filled with carbon black ink, the pen started immediately and then wrote without any problems.

The Plaisir fountain pens are available in a wide range of colours. All fittings, the wide cap edge and the clip, are chrome-plated. The steel nib (fine) has a line thickness of 0.3 mm. The pen comes with a black cartridge, but can also be filled with a converter (not included).


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