Platinum # 3776 Century Nice Lilas fountain pen

Item no: 1691222

€276,86 EUR

The Platinum 3776 Century models are simple and classically designed. One point is fundamentally different with these Platinum 3776 Century models and that is the way the pin closes. Platinum calls it their"Slip & Seal"mechanism. What this means is that the inner cap is freely rotating and resiliently placed in the cap sleeve. There is a rough edge around the ink guide and nib on the front side of the shell, which is where the resilient inner cap closes. In addition, this inner cap fits closely around the nib. This combination ensures that the pen hardly dries up.

Platinum claims that the pen, filled with ink, can be stored for a long time without drying out, we are not talking about weeks, but about a period of no less than a year! An additional advantage is that the pen also behaves leak-free in a pressurized cabin (aircraft).

The pen can be filled with cartridges (Platinum) or with the supplied converter. An additional advantage of the"Slip & Seal"mechanism is that it makes it possible to use more heavily pigmented inks. Platinum supplies these types of inks, which are waterproof and lightfast. Platinum guarantees that it is safe to use these pigmented inks in Platinum pens with the"Slip & Seal"mechanism. These types of inks are generally risky in"regular fountain pens"unless the pen is cleaned after each use.

Nib:14 krt. gold

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