Pininfarina Space pure gray

Item no: 8033549713577

€107,44 EUR

Pininfarina SPACE is a writing tool designed for the space. The pen and desk stand are made entirely of magnesium, an ultra-light material with high mechanical performance. Pininfarina made this type of pen available to the astronauts of the International Space Station during the last V.I.T.A. mission.

The pen contains no ink or graphite, the nib is made of a metal alloy called 'ethergraph'. Small amounts of metal are transferred to the paper during writing. This looks like a pencil, but is smudge-free and permanent and can be used on almost any surface. All this makes the pen ideal for use in a space station, where very small graphite particles produced by ordinary pencils are already a risk to the filter system, and the pen never runs out.

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