Pilot Justus 95 fountain pen Rhodium Trim

Item no: FJ-3MRR-NB-F-NT

€247,11 EUR
The Pilot Justus 95 is a unique fountain pen, the flexibility of the 14 karat gold nib can be adjusted very easily by turning a ring on the section. This changes the writing characteristic from hard H, as most contemporary fountain pens already are, to soft S - soft. In the soft S position, the nib is extremely flexible, in this position it is very easy to play with the line width, depending on the pressure that is exerted on the nib.efent.

The Justus 95 is a sturdy, classic-looking fountain pen, barrel and cap are made of black plastic, with a fine barley grain pattern. The appearance of the pen may even be reminiscent of the earlier ebonite fountain pens from the beginning of the last century. All other fittings, the clip and the rings are gold plated.

The pen can be filled with the supplied converter or with Pilot ink cartridges.

Nib: 14 krt. gold

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