Pilot Falcon fountain pen brown

Item no: P1093-007F

€247,11 EUR
The Pilot Falcon is a timeless design by Pilot / Namiki. The pen has a metal base and is available in black, burgundy, brown and sapphire blue lacquer. All fittings, clip and rings are chrome plated and the solid clip is spring mounted.

The most remarkable thing about the Falcon is the 14 krt. nib, which has a special shape and is reminiscent of the beak of a bird of prey, hence the name "Falcon". The extremely flexible writing properties of this nib are remarkable, as this often no longer occurs with most modern fountain pens. It allows the user to create a significant variation in line thickness by low pressure.

The Falcon comes with a converter but can also be filled with cartridges.

Nib: 14 krt. gold

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