Pilot Custom 823 Transparent Fountain Pen || Pre-Order

Item no: 3131910440291

€289,26 EUR

This fountain pen will be available from the end of June 2024!

The Pilot Custom 823 is a very popular choice for people buying their first fountain pen with a gold nib. It is a stylish pen that also offers an excellent writing experience.

The Pilot Custom 823 has a 14-karat gold nib and uses a vacuum filling system.

The first Pilot fountain pens were introduced to the Japanese market in 1918. During this period, Japan became more open to Western influences and imported European technology on a large scale. Over the years, Pilot has evolved into one of the world leaders in fountain pens. By listening carefully to its customers, Pilot has been able to develop innovative and enjoyable writing instruments.


14K gold.

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