Pelikan M101N Bright Red fountain pen

€413,22 EUR

In 1935 Pelikan released its first Souverän M101N with great success. Different colors of the various models from the former series have already appeared again, as a limited edition and others as a special edition. With this special edition M101N "Bright Red", a very interesting variant of a historic Pelikan is released, which will appeal to the imagination of many fountain pen collectors and lovers of vintage products due to its design and bright color.

The barrel and cap are made of marbled red high-quality acrylic, the barrel end, front part and clip cap are solid red. The nib is made of 14 karat gold, engraved with the classic letter and the same size as the M400 models. Both the clip and the rings are 24 carat gold plated. The pen is of course equipped with a fixed piston.

This pen will be presented in an attractive gift box with a bottle of 4001 royal blue ink, both with historical decoration.

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