Namiki Yukari Royale Urushi Vermillion fountain pen

€1.317 EUR

The Namiki Yukari Royale Urushi Vermillion fountain pen is a beautiful sturdy fountain pen made on a brass base. Holder and cap have a beautiful urushi finish. The beautiful shine is obtained by a special polishing technique in which the urushi lacquer layer is polished several times with special charcoal.

The pen can be filled with Namiki / Pilot cartridges or with the supplied converter. The clip is gold plated and provided with a "ball" end so that the pen can easily be hidden. The nib is from 18 krt. gold and available in different writing widths and is engraved with the Namiki logo with the outline of Mount Fuji above it.

The pen comes in a Paulownia wooden gift box with matching cartridges and a Namiki ink bottle.

PS. It is a good idea not to expose the pen to sunlight unnecessarily, so keep the pen in a pencil case, drawer or pen case.

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