Montblanc Writers Edition Thomas Mann set (2009)

Item no: 104158

€2.247,93 EUR

The Montblanc Writers edition 2009 Thomas Mann set. The Thomas Mann Montblanc Writers Edition includes 12,000 fountain pens, 15,000 ballpoint pens, 6,000 rollers and 3,000 sets, in addition to the fountain pen, the set includes a ballpoint pen and a mechanical pencil. The collection is characterized by a slightly sober appearance in glossy black lacquer with stylish platinum accents, the whole is executed in an avant-garde Art Deco design, typical of the time in which Thomas Mann lived. The clip end is decorated with a black zirconia. The 18-carat rhodium-plated nib features an engraving from the Buddenbrook House in Lübeck, referring to Thomas Mann's first great novel. The cap is engraved on top with the author's signature. The fountain pen is equipped with a traditional fixed piston. Because this collection does not have the exuberance that other versions in the series have, this Thomas Mann collection may be a perfect choice for everyday use.


18K gold.


3,000 sets


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