Leuchtturm1917 Twist Pencil No. 2 Sky

Item no: 369817

€22,73 EUR

After the Drehgriffel no. 1 Ballpoint Pen, LEUCHTTURM1917 has now released the Drehgriffel no. 2; the mechanical pencil in this series! The pencil with a twist mechanism is an unmistakable and distinctive writing instrument that stands out from the crowd, not only because of its great quality and functionality.

The winner in the Stationary category is the Drehgriffel No. 2. The Red Dot Design Award is one of the leading and most prestigious design competitions in the world, and the Red Dot Label is considered an international quality mark for excellent design.

The mechanical pencil has a 0.7 millimeter mechanism and is available in various colors. Match your LEUCHTTURM1917 notebook with a matching mechanical pencil in the same color.

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