Lamy Lx Ruthenium ballpoint pen

Item no: 1231630

€26,45 EUR
The Lamy Luxe (Lx) is a luxurious version of the famous Lamy Al-star fountain pen. The housing of the pen is made of high-quality anodized aluminum. In addition to the four available shades; gold, rosé gold, palladium and ruthenium, a special edition will appear in mid-September 2019 in warm dark brown and the clip will also be finished in the same color tone. The black steel nib has a PVD coating and therefore looks more luxurious than the regular black nibs. Each fountain pen is supplied in an attractive aluminum packaging that is made in the same color as that of the pen. The fountain pen can be filled with the well-known Lamy cartridges or with loose ink using e.g. a converter (Z28 not included).

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