Lamy Imporium matte black mechanical pencil

Item no: 1227952

€264,46 EUR
Lamy Imporium matte black mechanical pencil. Twenty-five years after the introduction of the Lamy Persona 1990, Lamy reintroduces an almost identical model line, now with the name Imporium.m.

The differences are in the nib and the clip, the nib was a cuff-shaped nib with the Persona and with the Imporium the nib is almost the same as the current nibs, but without an air hole and in surprising bi-color versions, including black PVD. The clip was recessed on the Persona and had to be pushed out from the top of the cap, with the Imporium it can be lifted at the end before putting the pen in the inner pocket.

The smooth cap contrasts beautifully with the fluted barrel and front part. The Imporium is standard available in three different finishes, two matte black variants and one with a titanium finish, all variants have a durable PVD coating.

This Imporium Lx SE is a more luxurious variant, in white mother-of-pearl lacquer, finished with rose-gold plated fittings. This version will only be available as a Special Edition for a short period of time.n.
Writing thickness: 0.7 mm

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