Lamy Dialog 3 fountain pen Black

Item no: 1223310

€280,99 EUR

Lamy's Dialog series actually arose from an "exchange of ideas" (a dialogue) between Lamy and several leading industrial designers.

The Dialog 3 is, as the name suggests, the third in the series, this special fountain pen originated from the brain of the designer Franco Clivio in 2009. Franco Clivio was also at the cradle of products such as; Siemens and Rodenstock. He is also responsible for the design of the Lamy Pico.

The Dialog 3 is Lamy's first pen with a retractable nib. The Dialog 3, however, is operated with a rotating movement, with this a ball-shaped seal turns away and with the same movement the nib is brought out, at the same time the clip sinks into the holder. When closed, the clip can be used again and the nib is safely stored in the holder.

This Lamy Dialog 3 fountain pen has a glossy black lacquer finish, the nib is 14K gold (bi-color) and available in different writing widths. The fountain pen comes with a converter but can, if desired, also be filled with cartridges.

Nib: 14K gold. (bi-color)

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