18. Garuda red - Akkerman fountain pen ink

Item no: 18

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The Akkerman "baby long neck" bottles have a capacity of approximately 60 ml. The faceted ink bottle is characterized by the long neck that contains a glass marble.
Akkerman fountain pen ink is suitable for any type of fountain pen and available in 31 sparkling colors. The ink colors have been given names in the Hague

What makes this bottle so unique By tilting the closed ink bottle, the neck fills with ink. Upright again, the marble will fall back and prevent the ink from flowing back. This creates a reservoir with ink above the marble from which the fountain pen can easily be filled, even when the pot is almost empty..

 # 18. Garuda red

Garuda is a restaurant in The Hague and was founded in 1949, after the independence of Indonesia, when many Indisch Dutch came to The Hague. It was also loved by Prince Bernhard and many political leaders. Over the years, the restaurant on the Kneuterdijk has often been politically adept. For example, the restaurant played an important role in the last cabinet formation. The negotiators of ChristenUnie and D66, who are ideologically far apart on important themes, have overcome the last obstacles for the current cabinet while enjoying a rice table. Unfortunately the restaurant is closed due to circumstances.

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