TWSBI Diamond 580 AL R Punch Pink fountain pen

Item no: 7447870

€57,44 EUR

The 580AL R Prussian Punch Pink version has more metal parts than the regular version. The grip piece, the cap edge and the clip cap are anodized pink. Holder and cap are made of strong polycarbonate with a high optical purity, the cap is smooth while the holder is faceted.

It is a real demonstrator, equipped with a fixed piston mechanism, moreover, the pen, for those who are more adventurous, can easily be completely disassembled. A key and some grease for the plunger are included in the package. The pen has a rubber 0-ring on the barrel, which acts as an extra gasket when the cap is screwed onto the pen. The TWSBIs feel fantastic, nibs are made of steel, available in different writing widths.


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