Scribo La Dotta Ai Giardini Fountain Pen

€533,06 EUR

The Scribo La Dotta Ai Giardini Fountain Pen. Ai Giardini, a mosaic of shades between green and white, recalls the Giardini Margherita, a typical destination for the inhabitants of Bologna, just outside the city walls, a place of relaxation and light.

Only 219 copies of each color will be made.

The nib is available in 18 kt gold or a 14 kt flex nib.

The pen is filled with a piston filling mechanism.

The Scribo La Dotta comes with a handmade soft case made of genuine leather and cotton that can hold up to two writing instruments. In the side pocket is a cloth to keep fountain pens clean. A precious and modern packaging to always have your favorite writing instruments with you.

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