Sailor Kouen Red Flame ebonite fountain pen

Item no: 10-9686-330

€1.570,25 EUR

The Sailor King of Pens"Kouen"is made of high-quality red/black marbled Japanese ebonite. This large"King of Pens"version has no rounded ends, but is flattened in this edition. The fountain pen features a 21K gold bi-color Naginata-Togi nib that we have available in Naginata MF (medium-fine). Only 400 copies were made and each pen is individually numbered on the cap rim . The pen comes in a beautiful wooden gift box with ink bottle, converter, cartridges and cleaning cloth. This pen is only available from retailers who also sell Sailor 's Special nibs . 

Ebonite naturally dulls under the influence of (sun)light. The shine can be restored by polishing the pen, but practice shows that the pens will remain duller after use. 

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