Sailor King Of Pens Tamenuri Aodame fountain pen

€2.685,95 EUR

The Sailor King Of Pens Tamenuri Aodame fountain pen. Sailor's Professional Gear 'King of Pens' range is a collection of pens that represents the brand's century of experience in building top quality writing instruments. These are traditionally designed, with a smooth cylindrical barrel and using different materials.

Limited to just 88 pieces worldwide, this very special edition features an ancient traditional Japanese Urushi technique called Tamenuri. Translucent Suki-Urushi is applied to the ebonite barrel, creating a pleasant patina that lightens over time. The artist's signature, Koushu Nishihara, is engraved on the barrel along with the unique serial number.

Fitted with a large 21 carat gold nib, only available in medium. Refill with Sailor ink cartridges or use the included converter for use with bottled ink.

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