Sailor King of Pens Iro-Miyabi Urushi 'Usukou' fountain pen

Item no: 10-1584-417

€1.611,57 EUR
The Sailor King of Pens Iro-Miyabi Urushi 'Usukou' fountain pen. This Urushi King of Pens writing instrument was developed by Sailor in collaboration with the Urushi artist Isana Kobayashi. The pen is made of ebonite and covered with Urushi lacquer in a finish called"Iro-Myabi", a specialized"Ishimi-nuri"lacquer technique from the Kaga region of Japan, providing a roughened look that enhances the appearance. showing stones.

The special colors of this series represent the ancient Japanese cultural history. Green stands for"Permanent"and"Eternal youth and longevity", Blue was favored by the samurai as a lucky color, Red is a traditional and noble color favored by the Heian aristocracy, Beige is obtained from fragrant wood, which is very was popular during the Heian era.

The fountain pen contains a 21 carat gold nib, available in medium and broad.

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