Sailor 1911 GT (Large) Special Nib - Cross Concorde fountain pen

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Sailor is known worldwide for its high-quality nibs. Until a few years ago, many of these specialty nibs were fairly readily available. In recent years, however, these sought-after nibs could hardly be ordered, if at all. With the introduction of a special set, exclusive to a limited number of stationery specialists, including P.W. Akkerman in The Hague, the limited availability of these popular nibs is coming to an end. With the acquisition of this set, we have been given the opportunity to re-order it every time a fountain pen from this series is sold. There will be 50 sets available worldwide, 25 sets for Japan and only 25 sets for the market outside Japan.

The set will consist of 12 fountain pens, all of which are based on the famous Sailor 1911 (the large) model. The set consists of three Naginata Togi fountain pens (Gold Trim) in MF, M, B and three Naginata Togi fountain pens (Silver Trim) in MF, M, B. In addition to these nibs, a Naginata Emperor MF, M, B, Naginata is also available Concord, Cross Point, Cross Concord, Cross Music and Naginata Fude de Men.

The barrel and cap of this classically designed Sailor 1911 are made of acrylic. The pen can be filled with cartridges or with the supplied converter. The cap ring differs from that of the regular collection. This metal cap rim is provided with the text "Special Nib" and finished with a special cloisonné technique.

The 21 carat gold nib has a somewhat sober engraving, unique to this collection. It is important to know that these nibs are not interchangeable with nibs from the "normal" 1911 collection. These nibs can therefore only be supplied in the frames as Sailor now offers them.

This 21 carat gold Sailor Naginata Cross Concord nib is a combination of the Sailor Cross nib and the Sailor Naginata Concord nib. The end of this nib is also provided with a double layer, so that the writing surface consists of four nibs when this pen is used inverted. The construction ensures that a large amount of ink can always flow to the nib, so the pen produces a nice, generous (wet) line. When the pen is used normally, it gives a fine thin line.

Nib: 21 krt. gold

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