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Never before has a fountain pen received more worldwide recognition than the Parker 51. In the early 1940s, Parker could barely cope with global demand. Other manufacturers were quick to imitate this "51". Thus, the Parker 51 became a legend in its early years.

The book "Parker 51" by David & amp; Mark Shepherd is without a doubt the most complete, informative book, in words and pictures, ever written about one model. Father and son Shepherd, both avid collectors, have created with this book a classic reference book for any interested and serious pen enthusiast. As a collector, David Shepherd has received ample access to many private collections. Parker also generously cooperated in providing access to the archives of the Parker Pen Company in Newhaven. This provided the authors with material that was not previously published.

The book has 169 pages full of fascinating information in text, drawings and - mostly original - photos. Father and son describe the creation, design, filling methods, key components and all the innovations of the Parker 51. From the first productions in 1941, the Shepherds take the reader through time and describe Parker's great marketing around it " 51 "which was influenced, among other things, by aviation. But also the famous "Parker hands" are not missing. The book examines the evolution of the Parker 51 range, the American, English, Canadian and Argentinian productions in each variant and the replicas from Italy, America and China Hero.).

The book informs the reader about the Metamorphosis of the Vacumatic via the "Redband" an "ordinary" push-button filler to the Aeromatic. All versions in every color are reviewed. The "demi sizes", the matching ballpoints, the mechanical pencils, the desksets and the special edition of 2002 have not been forgotten either!n!

Then every part of the pen, the barrels, caps, blue diamond clips, ink guides and nibs is accurately classified and described. We also find the prototypes, demonstrators and dummies .....

A separate chapter is devoted to Parker's specialty ink: Parker Quinck ink, developed in the 1930s, an ink specially developed for Parker 51.

The book closes with a chapter devoted to dating the many variants of the "51" using the prints on the barrels, the shape, filling system etc.

For the true fountain pen enthusiast, the Parker 51 is almost a miracle, an obsession. Whatever you think of the "51", this pen became a beacon, the standard against which other fountain pen brands had to compete. The book is packed with information that we believe will fascinate any pen lover, a great book with 169 pages on high quality paper in a ditto binding.

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