Nakaya Writer Piccolo shu-nurippanashi fountain pen

€694,21 EUR
The Nakaya Piccolo Writer shu-nurippanashi fountain pen is made of ebonite with a beautiful Wajami urishi lacquer. The pen will acquire its own patina through use. Shu-nurippanashi, which means "unpolished vermilion", is difficult to make: it requires utmost concentration from the paint master. This compact size fits just as well in the hand, without the cap having to be "posted". It is also not recommended to place the cap on the back of the container because of damage to the urushi paint.).

The design of the pen is simple and sober, no double rings, this Piccolo Writer does have a clip, of course, the pen is also available without a clip..

The nibs are 14K gold and can be ordered in different writing widths.

Japanese fountain pens almost always write seriously thinner than the European brands. As an indication, a Japanese medium nib corresponds to a fine European one.

Just like the pen, the packaging is simple, but neat and stylish. Each pen is packed in a Paulownia wooden gift box, the pen itself comes in a small "kimono fabric" case. The fountain pen comes with a box of Platinum cartridges and a converter.r.

Nakaya fountain pens are made to order, delivery time varies from three to about six months, but the pens are well worth the wait.

We have a small "iron stock" that we will try to maintain. In addition, it is of course possible to order the pen with your specific preference regarding the holder, color urushi and nib from us.

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