Montblanc Donation Sir George Solti fountain pen (2006)

€619,83 EUR

It was a long wait for the fifth model from Montblanc's so-called “donation collection”. The prestigious brand has skipped a year in this series. But the result may be there. This time, Sir Georg Solti, who died in 1997, is put in the spotlight by Montblanc and honored posthumously with a special fountain pen and ballpoint pen. Hungarian-born Solti was regarded as one of the best conductors of the second half of the last century.

The design of this special edition, available as fountain pen and ballpoint pen, pays tribute to both pianist and conductor Sir George Solti. The base of the pen is, as with its predecessors, the Montblanc “146 LeGrande” model. However, the shape is slightly different. All fittings are platinum-plated and refer to the piano. The clip symbolizes the keys, while the piano strings can be found in the cap edge.
The signature of the conductor Sir George Solti on the holder is reminiscent of the handwritten notes on his scores, for which he always used a bright red wax pencil. The fully rhodium plated 18 kt nib is engraved with a dove. One of Sir George Solti's greatest passions was playing bridge. For that reason, a beautiful cassette of bridge cards accompanies the pen in the package.

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