Montblanc Writers Edition Scott Fitzgerald fountain pen (2002)

€950,41 EUR

The tenth writer's edition of Montblanc pays special tribute to the American writer Francis Scott Fitzgerald.

In 1992 Montblanc started the "Writers' Series", a now very successful collection of writing instruments. The first pen in this collection was the Hemingway. Coincidence or not, the tenth and newest issue in this series, like the Hemingway, is named after one of the most important writers of the "lost generation", Scott Fitzgerald.

The first thing you notice is the torpedo-like shape of the pens and the white marbled barrel. Perhaps most striking are the ever-widening rings around the cap and the tip of the pen, a typical Art Deco style element. These silver-plated rings, together with the low-set clip, contrast beautifully with the deep black base color of the cap and tip of the pen. The cap features the silver signature of F. Scott Fitzgerald. The Nib is made of 18-karat gold, with a rhodium finish and stylishly engraved in Art Deco style.

The nib is only available in F. In addition, as with the previous author's editions, the height of the Montblanc - 4810 meters - and the year of issue are marked on the nib. The limited edition of the collection includes 18,500 fountain pens, 16,500 ballpoint pens and 4,500 sets. The sets are three-piece and are the only possibility to obtain the corresponding mechanical pencil. The outsides of these writing instruments are, despite the rings, completely smoothfinished. The fountain pen looks slightly smaller than the ballpoint pen and the pencil and, moreover, differs slightly in shape, because the cap is somewhat convex in shape.

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