Montblanc Writers edition Honoré de Balzac ballpoint pen (2013)

Item no: 109296

€677,69 EUR

Honoré de Balzac 1799 - 1850, can be considered one of the most important French writers of the first half of the nineteenth century. Balzac is a romantic writer, whose work also displays realistic elements. The realistic aspect is mainly expressed in the detailed descriptions that characterize Balzac's style.n.

His most famous work is La Comédie Humaine, a series of novels written with the intention of providing a complete picture of French society after the fall of Napoleon. For this Balzac wrote about a hundred novels that showed the social conditions in the different classes.

Montblanc has incorporated this into the fittings on the pen, the ornamented, partly gilded clip ring represents the nobility. The decorated cap ring reflects the middle class and the smooth ring at the bottom of the filling mechanism represents the working class of France in those days. The dots of turquoise lacquer centrally above the clip refer to Balzac's richly decorated walking stick.

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