Montblanc Meisterstück Great Masters James Purdey & Sons fountain pen

Item no: 118104

€2.520,66 EUR

The Masters for Meisterstück James Purdey & amp; Sons brings together Montblanc's expertise - as a maker of unique writing instruments - with the exclusive Maison, maker of the best guns and rifles for game hunting.

The special carvings and recognizable metal engravings of the House of James Purdey are unique and extraordinary. Holder and cap are made from Caucasian walnut wood with the recognizable engraved Purdey diamond pattern. The fountain pen has an 18 krt. gold nib with ruthenium finish, engraved with a curly rose motif. All other fittings, the clip and the rings, also have a ruthenium finish. 


18K gold.

Other writing thicknesses on request:

EF, F, B, BB, OM, OB.


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