Montblanc Meisterstück 100 year anniversary edition fountain pen (2006)

€785,12 EUR

Montblanc celebrates its centenary with the introduction of several limited series. These writing instruments are often made on the basis of existing models such as the Meisterstück, the Bohème and the Starwalker. All these models feature the Montblanc star, cut in 43 facets.

The Montblanc Anniversary Edition is characterized by the striking holder that tapers towards the middle. A shape that Montblanc used in 1908 in its Rouge et Noir collection.

Fortunately, you don't have to go back to the pipette for this Anniversary Edition. The fountain pen can be easily filled with Montblanc ink cartridges. The fact that nostalgia predominates in this collection is partly reflected in the original lettering on the caps of all writing forms. In the original style with white capitals in italics, the name “ Mont-Blanc ” is printed on the side of the cap. While Mont Blanc rises from the center of the name in the form of an engraving. However, it was not the mountain itself, but the white peak that has become the legendary trademark of Montblanc over the years, and now also of the Montblanc Anniversary Edition. This mark appears on the clip cap as well as in the opening in the 18-carat gold nib.

The first is of course standard for all Montblanc pens; however, the opening in the nib is a striking detail. All writing instruments of this Anniversary Edition are provided with a unique number, engraved in the cap sleeve. The circulation of the various writing forms is as follows:worldwide 15,000 fountain pens, 30,000 roller pens, 45,000 ballpoint pens and 10,000 mechanical pencils. Montblanc has also designed a special leather case for the Anniversary Edition, in complete style, of which 10,000 copies will appear.

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