Montblanc Patron of Art Marquise de Pompadour fountain pen (2001)

€1.652,89 EUR

Montblanc's"Patron of Art Edition"4810 for 2001 has been given the name"Marquise de Pompadour". Like"The year of the Golden Dragon", the 2000 edition, the pen is partly made of porcelain. That pen was released on the occasion of the millennium year 2000, a special year according to the mythological stories and legends about the dragon from ancient China, the country where porcelain originated. In the current special edition,"Marquise de Pompadour", the choice of porcelain was justified because of the special passion for porcelain of the Marquise.

It will have become clear by now that the famous white Meissner porcelain plays a leading role in this pen.

The cap sleeve is made of Meissner porcelain. It is painted on one side in sepia with a rose, the Marquise's favorite flower, garnished with gold accents. On the other side is Meissen's trademark, now more than 275 years old:the crossed blue swords surmounted by the individual number of the pen painted in gold.
The holder is gilded with fine piping in white lacquer in the longitudinal direction. Nib is 18 kt with a fine Rococo engraving, available with a Medium (M) nib. The pen is equipped with the traditional fixed piston mechanism.

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