Montblanc"M"RED fountain pen

Item no: 118643

€495,87 EUR
In collaboration with Marc Newson, Montblanc introduces the Montblanc M RED collection, designed to support REDs in the fight against AIDS. For every pen sold, $ 5 is donated to the Global Fund to Fight HIV / AIDS Programs. This program helps HIV positive mothers not to transmit the virus to their babies.y's. Holder and cap of this new "M" collection are made of red precious resin. A remarkable design element is the partially flattened holder, with the Montblanc star in the flat part. The magnetic closure ensures that, when the pen is closed, the clip is automatically aligned in the extension of this flat part of the holder.

The fountain pen has a 14K. gold nib with a remarkable two-tone finish, in rhodium and the slightly dark colored ruthenium. The fountain pen can only be filled with Montblanc ink cartridges.
Nib: 14K Gold.
Other writing thicknesses on request: EF, B, BB, OM, OB.

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