Montblanc Patron of Art Karel the Great fountain pen (2000)

€2.892,56 EUR

In 2000 it was exactly 1200 years ago that Charlemagne was crowned Emperor of Rome in St. Peter's Church in Rome by Pope Leo III. Reason enough for Montblanc to dedicate its 10th model from the 4810 series to this"Great One", Charlemagne (Carolus Magnus) or Charlemagne.

Charlemagne was born on April 2, 742 and died in Aachen on January 28, 814. He was king of the Franks for forty-six years and through his conquests he united almost all the Christian countries of Western Europe into an empire that is unparalleled. known.

The first thing you notice about this pen is the slightly twisted faceted cover of the cap and barrel. The pen is made in the 4810 edition from sterling silver with a beautiful satin surface. (as was once the case with the Waterman 100 sterling). The openwork gilded motifs of the bands on the cap and barrel are taken from the bronze doors (from the 9th century) of Charlemagne's octagonal"Pfalzkapelle"which was built between 796 and 805. The nib bears the Emperor's official signature Charlemagne engraved, Karolus. The nib is only available in M. The end of the clip is decorated with a cabochon cut onyx. In contrast to its predecessor Frederic II, the pen has a fixed piston again. In terms of proportions, this pen is also based on the Montblanc 146 (le Grande).

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