Montblanc Imperial Dragon GT 888 fountain pen (1993)

€7.355,37 EUR

The Writers Edition Imperial Dragon gives new life to this glorious creature and shows why the dragon has fascinated people for centuries. Each pen in this edition is adorned with an elaborately crafted dragon clip in 925 sterling silver. Two rubies magically make the dragon's eyes glow.

The dragon clip and engraved cap ring provide a striking contrast to the barrel, which is made of black precious resin, and the rhodium-plated 18-carat gold nib pays tribute to the mythical creature with an engraving of a dragon's head.

Like no other mythological creature, the dragon has fascinated people for generations - especially in the Far East. An awe-inspiring, fire-breathing legendary beast and a symbol of omnipotence, goodwill and wisdom, the dragon has also always been an inspiration and a central element of classic works by fantasy authors.


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