Montblanc Patron of Art Frederick the Great fountain pen (1999)

€1.859,50 EUR

Frederick the Great was anything but an ordinary king. He is a celebrated historical figure not only because he saw himself as the"first servant of the people"and because of his Prussian discipline, but also because under his rule art and culture underwent a revival. Sanssouci Palace became a magnet for intellectuals, artists and writers from all over Europe. Frederick himself, together with his friend Voltaire, wrote numerous philosophical works, including the famous"Antimachiavelli".

Just as special as this Prussian king is the patron saint of the art edition that Friedrich II the Great made in his honour. The gold-plated barrel of Edition 4810 is decorated with two rings embellished with a pattern of curves. These, like the elegant clip, are also gold plated. A feature shared by the two editions is the 18-karat gold nib, which bears an engraving of the royal monogram of"Fredericus Rex". An ingenious mechanism allows the pen to be screwed back into the holder to protect it.

The barrel of the Limited Edition Friedrich II the Great features two finely worked bands with a pattern of interconnecting arcs. The 18-carat gold nib bears the engraved Fredericus Rex seal as a tribute to the monarch from whom the pen takes its name.

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