Montblanc Bohème Rouge fountain pen

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The main feature of this Montblanc Bohème Rouge fountain pen is the outward-turning nib. Before writing, the user must screw the cap on the back of the holder, the rear part of the holder will turn and bring the nib out through an ingenious mechanism, only then the pen is ready to write. Another striking feature is the short format of the fountain pen, the ballpoint pen and the mechanical pencil, the matching roller has "normal" proportions. Nevertheless, the Boheme appears to be a useful model for many..

After all, the fountain pen is extended with the cap and the thickness of the pens in combination with the weight play an important role in both the ballpoint pen and the mechanical pencil. Moreover, due to its compact size, you can easily put this Bohème away somewhere. The cap and barrel are made of black precious resin, the flat clip cap features the white star, symbolizing the snowy peak of Montblanc with its six glaciers. There is a synthetic on the clip end; onyx, sapphire, ruby or brown colored gemstone. The nib is 14 karat gold, partly with a rhodium mask.

The nib features the engraving "4810", referring to the height of the Montblanc in meters. The fountain pen needs to be filled with Montblanc cartridges, the ballpoint has a twist mechanism just like the mechanical pencil that uses 0.9 mm lead leads. In addition to the rollers, the Montblanc felt-tip pens also fit in the roller pen. The pen comes stylishly packaged in a luxury gift box, with the accompanying warranty papers. 


14K gold.

Other writing thicknesses on request:

EF, B, BB, OM, OB.


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