Montblanc Augmented Paper

Item no: 123676

€615,70 EUR
A new must-have from Montblanc, "Augmented Paper" easily digitizes your handwritten texts or drawings.

At the IFA in Berlin in early September, Montblanc unveiled this striking nouveauté, a smart ballpoint pen, special model Starwalker, with a matching lined notebook, packed in a luxurious leather cover. With a charged battery it can work for 8 hours, with up to 100 pages of written text being stored in the internal memory. With a simple push of a button, the handwritten text can be transferred to a tablet or smartphone at any time via the Montblanc hub app. With the same app, the text can be read via OCR and made editable, making handwritten notes easily searchable. In addition, handwritten texts can easily be digitally shared with others.

A nice detail is that the app uses the same color names as those of the Montblanc inks.

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