Montblanc Patron of Art Andrew Carnegie fountain pen (2002)

€2.479,34 EUR

Andrew Carnegie was the embodiment of the American dream. The son of poor Scottish immigrants, he made it to the point where he eventually raised capital that Bill Gates can only dream of.

It is therefore not surprising that this Montblanc limited edition, dedicated to Andrew Carnegie, is worn in all finesse by Art Nouveau. The holder and cap both have a beautiful open-work jacket. The winged female figure on the clip is characteristic of that period. The 18 kt rhodium-plated nib is finely engraved with a gold-coloured lily motif, one of the important features of Art Nouveau.

In this 4810 series, the base material consists of black precious resin and the casing and clip are made of silver. Surrounding this is the openwork mantle of 18 ct white gold. In this edition you will find the unique edition number engraved in the silver jacket on the cap.

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