ASC Bologna Extra Africa fountain pen

Item no: ASC-Afrika

€950,41 EUR
The ASC Bologna Extra Africa fountain pen is made from the same celluloid that "Armando Simoni" used in the early 1930s. This ASC model is larger in length and diameter than the pins that Armando Simoni made at the time. The cap has a large rhodium-plated clip and an African leaf motif is applied to the cap rim and the grip piece. The pen is equipped with a large no. 8 oversized "Magic Flex" 18 krt. gold nib. Small printing nuances make it possible to vary the thickness of the lines slightly, the ink guide is made of ebonite. The ASC is equipped with a pneumatic One-Touch filling system as used by Sheaffer and Chilton in the late 1920s. The extreme end of the container can be unscrewed, then the inner tube should be pulled out as far as possible. The container then fills completely with air through the small valve hole at the end of the barrel.cht.

Then the nib is dipped in the ink and the pulled-out part is pushed back, while covering the small valve hole at the end of the barrel with the finger, the column of air is compressed which in turn pushes the rubber bag. When the finger is lifted after the blow, the compressed air can escape and the bag can bulge again and soak up the ink. The pen is thus filled with more than 2 ml of ink.

Nib:"Magic Flex" 18 krt. gold

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