Montblanc Patron of Art Peter the Great fountain pen (1997)

€2.685,95 EUR

In mid-April 1997, two Montblanc pens appeared in the"4810"collection, a collection dedicated to unique people from world history, these were dedicated to Peter the Great and Catherine II the Great. The people are a special couple. Though born a generation apart, posterity has juxtaposed these fascinating individuals as two of Russia's greatest thinkers and reformers. Peter I Alexeyevich (1672-1755) was the first Russian Tsar to travel beyond its borders.

The two Tsarist fountain pens are made of a durable resin, dark green for Peter and burgundy red for Catharina. A gilded openwork mantle adorns barrel and cap. On the cap of Peter's pen we find bands with laurel leaves, while in Catharina the bands are decorated with a floral pattern. In the 18-crt. The nib is engraved with the double-headed eagle, symbol of their time and power, as well as the Montblanc logo and the production year 1997. The two nibs are available as a set with identical numbers. An 888 version of both pens is also available. 888 of each version, both with a gold mantel. The floral pattern on the cap edge at Catharina has been replaced by 15 rubies in this version, while at Peter 15 emerald stones are set in the cap edge to replace the"wreath"with laurel leaves.


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