Montblanc Patron of Art Scipione Borghese fountain pen (2017)

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Montblanc Patron of Art 2017 Scipione Borghese fountain pen.The 2017 Montblanc 4810 Patron of Art edition is dedicated to Scipione Borghese 1577 - 1633, an Italian Cardinal considered one of the greatest and most influential art collectors in the world.d.

As a patron of many artists, including the sculptor Gian Lorenzo Bernini and the painter Caravaggio, he has paved the way for many others as well. Their work formed the first collection of the Galleria Borghese. The villa was built by the late Renaissance Vatican architect Flaminio Ponzio, after sketches by Scipione Borghese himself. Various works of art were designed by Bernini for decoration, including Apollo and Daphne 1623-1625 and David 1623-1624.24).

The general design and shape is inspired by the interior and garden of Villa Borghese. The holder is made from solid granite after the multicolored marble floors in Villa Borghese. On the clip cap, where the white MontBlanc star is located, we find the outline of a cardinal's hat. The 18 karat gold nib has a ruthenium finish and is provided with a fine engraving of the Borghese family coat of arms. The other metal parts of the pen have a beautiful matte gray ruthenium finish. Of course this pen is also equipped with a fixed piston mechanism. The clip represents the colossal old trees of the landscaped garden at Villa Borghese and is decorated with a brown smokey quartz 0.7 ct in a teardrop shape. The barrel end is adorned with a carnelian with the portrait of Scipione Borghese.e.


18K gold.



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