Montblanc Patron of Arts Octavian fountain pen (1993)

€3.223,14 EUR


The fascinating cobweb design of the Patron of Art Octavian is an adaptation of a design typical of the 1920s and also recalls the emperor's elaborately intertwined power network. At the center of this web of delicate 925 sterling silver threads, covering the glossy black barrel and precious resin cap, sits an artistically shaped, stylized spider. The hand-worked, rhodium-plated nib in 18-carat gold also bears a finely engraved spider.

Gaius Octavian, honored by the Roman Senate with the name Augustus, was the driving force behind the cultural revival of the era that followed many years of war. Through cunning tactical moves, strategic contacts with powerful Romans, and deliberate promotion of the arts, Octavian created a vast network of culture. Because of his support for the construction of beautiful public buildings, which made Rome a city of marble and a powerhouse of artistic and intellectual endeavor, his name is forced to be associated with the heyday of the Roman Empire.

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