Opus 88 Flora fountain pen

€80,99 EUR

The Opus 88 Flora is an exceptionally well designed fountain pen. When closed, the pen resembles a colorful flower vase. The pen is equipped with a steel # 6 JoWo nib available in different line widths.

The pen needs to be filled with a pipette (so-called eyedropper), as is the case with some Japanese fountain pens. Connected to the rear cap is a rod in the barrel with a gasket at the other end with which the feed and the reservoir can be separated from each other. Slightly loosening the rear button allows the feed to be provided with ink. Again tightened the two compartments are separated and the large ink supply (about 3 ml) is safely stored.

Opus has been producing vital components for various other stationery manufacturers since 1988, as an OEM supplier. In 2017 they decided to release pens under their own label under the brand "Opus 88".

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