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Pelikan Classic M205 Star Ruby set

Item no: 814386

€123,14 EUR
Also this year, Pelikan is releasing a Classic series in the color of the Edelstein ink of the year, Star Ruby. This new, beautiful burgundy-pink color is inspired by the gemstone 'star ruby'. The accompanying writing instruments are made with a special crystal effect that makes every pen sparkle and sparkle. Each pen is unique and has a special, sparkling look. The finish is silver colored and each pen has the typical Pelikan clip. The stainless steel nib has been polished to a high gloss and fits perfectly with any writing instrument.

The classic 205 Star Ruby is available as a piston refill pen and as a push mechanism ballpoint pen. The fountain pen is available in the widths EF, F, M and B, adjustable according to personal preference and handwriting.

The set with the corresponding Edelstein ink bottle is a perfect gift item.

Nib: Steel

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