Pelikan collector's book Limited & Special Editions 1993 – 2020

€81,82 EUR

Since 1993, Pelikan has been launching limited and special editions of high-quality writing instruments. Since then , hundreds of new versions have been released and many collectors are asking for more information. This unique book „Limited & Special Editions“ shows the entire collection 1993 - 2020 on 280 pages. Offer an extensive reference book and inspire your customers to collect Pelikan pens or to supplement their collections. They will be delighted!

The book is divided into three chapters :

I. Introduction

· History of the brand Pelikan

History of the Pelikan writing instruments

II. Main part

· Limited & Special Editions in chronological order

· Limited & Special Editions as series/theme

III. Practical information

· Pelikan inks and nibs

· Service and repairs

· Good to know:The book is written in German and English.

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